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The New Voice of Brazilian Jazz

O Globo depicts her as "the great hope in the renewal of the Brazilian music" while the German weekly Die Zeit greets her as having the "presence of a Star". Her "warm and caressing voice" of an "extremely wide register", her "impressive singing skills", her "charming delicacy" are widely praised throughout the international press.

Viviane De Farias' talent has earned her the label of "one of the top Brazilian singers" abroad. After having lent her voice to more than many projects in both Classical and Brazilian music with heavy weights such as Zubin Mehta, Kurt Masur and Placido Domingo, Viviane de Farias is now presenting her long awaited début CD Moment of Passion.

Moment of passion bunches the different aspects of Viviane de Farias' amazing artist journey. Born in Rio de Janeiro, she grew up in Ipanema, the cradle of Bossa Nova and Samba, before she studied theatre and classical music in Brazil, USA and Germany.

With the recording of Na Hora da Paxiao, the title song written by Bossa Nova Legend Johnny Alf and Paulo Morello, Viviane de Farias indisputably reveals her musical roots and her Alma Brasileira, the Brazilian soul, mixture of longing, passion and melancholy. Her interpretation of songs by modern Brazilian composers Guinga and Ivan Lins shows how much she masters the wide repertoire of Musica Popular Brasileira with charm and elegance. Thanks to her impressive singing skills, combined with the elaborate and refined arrangements by Morello & Barth Moment of Passion goes off the beaten tracks.

Meet the artist

Viviane de Farias Facebook artist page

The Producers

The producers Paulo Morello (guit) and Kim Barth (sax/flute) need not be introduced to the connoisseurs of Brazilian music. Together with the production of the CDs Morello & Barth present Bossa Nova Legends, they toured with legendary singers Johnny Alf, Leny Andrade and Peri Ribeiro, hitting the major Jazz festivals and Concert Halls throughout Europe and South America. Morello & Barth also worked with Jimmy Smith, Roberta Gamberini, Paul Kuhn, and Ivan Lins. For Viviane de Farias´ Moment of Passion they team up with some of the finest musicians known for their work with Célia Cruz, Raul De Souza and Tania Maria: Mauro Martins (dr), Tizian Jost (p) and Dudu Penz (b).

CD Release Details

Viviane de Farias
«Moment of Passion»

IN+OUT Records 77087-2


Viviane de Farias - vocal
Kim Barth - sax/flute
Paulo Morello - guitar
Dudu Penz - bass
Tizian Jost - piano
Mauro Martins - drums, perc


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all photos by Paul Yates